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Anti-slip protection ideal for existing public boardwalks, decks and steps.


Commercial Solutions

What is Retrogrip?

 Where you might use non-slip adhesive tape, non-slip mats or grit paint, Retrogrip provides a long lasting, low maintenance slip-resistant solution. Retrogrip is a patented aluminium anti-slip tread extrusion designed to fit between decking planks on existing ramps, boardwalks and steps to improve surface grip – particularly in wet or icy conditions, and on steeper gradients where slippery surfaces are a safety hazard.

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What makes Retrogrip a unique non-slip solution?

It is made from marine-grade aluminium which makes it an ideal non-slip pedestrian solution for coastal walkways and bridges – especially areas prone to icing and moss. The punched recesses on the surface of the extrusion create a capillary self-draining surface to minimise icing and falls.
It’s easy to install and low maintenance as a slip-resistant solution compared to other non-slip tapes, treads and mats.
Retrogrip is designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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Independently tested to NZ Safety Standards (view a graph of slip resistance results here)

As one of our anti-slip products, Retrogrip has undergone meticulous independent testing  and exceeds the current safety standards of New Zealand (AS/NZS4586: 2004)
Test methods applied require that when tested wet, the pedestrian surface should have a mean coefficient of friction that is not less than 0.4. When tested on a wet horizontal surface Retrogrip is at 0.58.
Get more information from our Slip Resistance Q&A.


Durable and Easy to Install

Retrogrip is a durable, long-lasting, non-slip solution which saves expense on long-term maintenance.
It is safer, tidier, and longer-lasting than covering existing boardwalks and ramps with netting or non-slip surfaces.
It is easy to install – the patented aluminium extrusions fit between planks on existing timber boardwalks, ramps, steps and decks, and are fastened with stainless steel nails or screws.
Available to project contractors nationwide, lengths are cut to your requirements (up to 6m). Longer lengths may incur extra freight costs.


RESIDENTial Solutions

For improved safety on existing slippery ramps, steps and decks.
Aluminum strips fit between planks and are fastened with stainless steel nails or screws.
Easy to install – any handyman can do it!
Tread is cut to the length you require with no mess and waste on site.
We can pre-drill holes and supply nails if required, or quote to install for you.

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