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Ideal for building slip-resistant public areas for Council projects, school upgrades and residential developments..

What is Gripsert?

Click here to download a Gripsert product sheet.

Gripsert does away with the need for anti-slip tape, anti-slip tread or grit paint on pedestrian surfaces - It is a patented aluminium tread and specially treated H3.2 timber plank designed with a high grip factor for building safe, slip-resistant pedestrian surfaces from the outset of  a project. 

Gripsert meets New Zealand Safety Standards and New Zealand Building Code (D1 & D2 Code) criteria, making it the ideal choice for building slip-resistant  public access areas for council projects, school upgrades and residential developments. It is supplied cut-to-measure up to 3 metres in length.


Processes involved in the making of TGS H3.2 Gripsert timber planks. . .

Treatment of the H3.2 timber planks used for manufacturing TGS Gripsert differs from standard timber treatment. Each plank gets full impregnation of the CCA treatment through to the centre. This means that when we machine the slot into the timber plank for the Gripsert Aluminium tread, the timber treatment is not affected as the treatment goes through to the centre of each plank. View here for details

What makes Gripsert stand-out from other anti-slip solutions?

Gripsert’s non-slip surface is created by the unique aluminum extrusion inserts in each plank – especially designed to provide traction, improve drainage and reduce icing. Compared to non-slip tapes, treads and paint grit applied to surfaces after construction, Gripsert is much more durable and low maintenance
The patented tread extrusion is made from marine-grade aluminum and is machine-pressed into kiln-dried CCA H3.2 treated pine. It is designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for pedestrian safety where slippery surfaces are a safety hazard.


Why your product choices count . . .

To reduce the risk of slipping, a pedestrian surface needs to provide sufficient friction so that it is slip-resistant. BRANZ writer Trevor Pringle considers what's involved. See why your product choices count.


Tested independently for slip-resistance (VIEW A GRAPH Of RESULTS HERE)

Gripsert exceeds New Zealand safety standards for slip-resistance as proven by independent testing; NZ/AUS 4586: 2004 “Slip-resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.” For a graph showing co-efficients of friction for sloped surfaces view here

For information on slip resistance see our Q&A section

 Or to request a copy of Opus slip-resistance test results.


What are the benefits of using Gripsert?

A durable, low maintenance non-slip solution for areas with heavy foot traffic.
Exceeding New Zealand safety standards for slip-resistance provides assurance to your clients.
Safe pedestrian surfaces, particularly in wet or icy conditions when installed according to manufacturers’ specifications.
No need to use netting, non-slip mats or special coatings to improve surface safety, which means substantial savings in maintenance costs for your project.
New Zealand designed and manufactured product means prompt service and delivery.
Having Gripsert precut to your specifications reduces site mess and cost.
Easy to trim for custom jobs, and easy to cut to fit around existing structures.

Commercial projects with Gripsert

Gripsert is used in the same way as any type of timber when building boardwalks, walkways and steps. It is a popular choice for residential developments, school upgrades, council parks, coastal and recreational walkway projects – anything that calls for long-lasting, low maintenance, non-slip pedestrian access solutions. Click here for our Project Gallery.
 According to client feedback Gripsert provides excellent slip-resistance over steep sections of walkways, and performs really well in damp conditions prone to mould, often found in shaded bush and coastal areas. Click here for some Project Profiles.
In ecologically sensitive areas there is less site contamination and less clean-up required. Click here for some Project Profiles.
If your project requires an environmentally friendly solution, please call us to discuss options.