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Picton Coathanger Bridge

Picton_Bridge_construction_pic.JPGGripsert meets 1:5 gradient requirement . . .

With a very steep slope, the Picton coathanger bridge specified a 1:5 gradient -

Gripsert was the only product that came close to this at 1:4.8. The project also required a surface solution that was low maintenance and high on safety - It's durability, slip resistance and ease of use were further deciding factors.

Three years on it was reported to be weathering well with virtually no maintenance needed. A big improvement on other non-slip solutions tried. Frosty conditions are common most winter mornings, and there have been no safety concerns. There was also a vast reduction in slips or falls reported, which had been fairly common before the Gripsert installation. 

Made from Marine Grade Aluminium, Gripsert is ideal for coastal tracks and construction of bridge decks. In areas where nature conservation is a consideration Gripsert works really well as there's less site mess, and minimum long-term maintenance. 

Project Partners

  • Client: Port Marlborough - Picton Coathanger Bridge
  • Product: Gripsert
  • Construction:  contracted