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Lloyd Elsmore Bridge

Lloyd_Elsmore_Park_Bridge.jpgGripsert for bridge deck 

Upgrades to a cable-stayed bridge at Lloyd Elsmore Park called for a durable product that would last well with high volume foot TRAFFIC.

The project  involved remedial work with a surface upgrade to the boardwalk and other park developments.  The Bridge deck needed to be non-slip when wet and standard timber decking on its own didn’t meet slip-resistant standards.  Despite an increase in cost, the durability, quality, ease of use and vandal-proof nature of Gripsert made it the ideal slip-resistant solution.

Gripsert was also specified for the bridge deck because of a good strength to weight ratio.  The project involved cut-outs for the barrier and anchors for the cables, so Gripsert had to be modified on site for this. It was easy to cut to length and work with during construction.


  • Product: Gripsert
  • Engineers: Frame Group
  • Construction: HEB Construction