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Don Buck Primary School


Waitakere Architects specified Gripsert for a site-wide accessibility upgrade to don buck school.

The main construction was a 20metre two-way ramp and a landing built from the classrooms to the school grounds.  Standard timber deck can’t be exposed to rain and provide safe accessibility so an alternative slip-resistant solution was needed. 

Gripsert was chosen because it meets building code (D2 Code) criteria for exposed timber decks, providing the required slip resistance. The grip factor results from the aluminium tread extrusion which is machine-pressed into high quality H3.2 pine.

Because Gripsert is a single product rather than an overlay like outdoor carpet, it provides a far better long term solution and coming cut to length means it was practical for builders on the job.



  • Product:  Gripsert
  • Architect:  Waitakere Architects
  • Construction: contracted