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Corban Estate Arts Centre

Corban_Estate1.jpgGRIPSERT FOR popular art centre bridge and boardwalk. 

The historic Corban Winery Estate in Waitakere City is home to a popular community Arts Centre. With galleries and Artist's Studios, it receives high foot traffic all-year round. . .

The bridge and boardwalks leading from Henderson's Great North Rd across to the Corban Estate, and down to the main Gallery and cafe area were often slippery. A product was needed to upgrade the area for increased pedestrian safety. 

Gripsert was chosen. The aluminium extrusions in the timber provide for increased slip-resistance, and the unique product design prevents icing and moss growth, providing an effective low maintenance, long-term solution. The area is still in excellent condition 5 years later. Gripsert also has strong test results under NZ slip-resistant standards (NZ/AUS 4586: 2004) providing added client assurance.

  • Client:  Corban Estate Historic Arts Centre
  • Product:  Gripsert
  • Construction:  contracted