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Arataki Visitor Information Centre

Arataki4.jpgGripsert and Retrogrip prove their durability

Five years ago GRIPSERT AND RETROGRIP were chosen for upgrade of the aRATAKI VISITOR Information Centre walkways and entrance deck. 

Council’s Regional Parks Team had tried a sand coat spray for slip resistance when the decking was initially laid, but with very heavy foot traffic a more durable approach was needed. Other products trialled required high levels of maintenance. With the centre being a domestic and international tourist destination, the overall look had to be smart as well.

Gripsert and Retrogrip ticked all the boxes. Due to keeping the original construction of the entrance deck Retrogrip was used. This meant the alignment of the bearers under the decking tread didn’t need to be changed. It’s a patented aluminium tread extrusion designed to fit between decking planks on existing ramps, boardwalks and steps to improve surface grip, particularly in wet or icy conditions. 

The two boardwalks to the Centre’s entrance were rebuilt replacing the original decking planks with Gripsert - a patented aluminium tread extrusion pressed into H3.2 timber planks. There was a drop in maintenance costs and reduction in the incidents of people slipping on the walkways/ deck reported since the upgrade - Five years on the product is still serving the Information Centre well.


Project Partners

•  Client: Auckland Council

  • Product: Gripsert & Retrogrip
  • Construction: contracted