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Q.: Do Retrogrip and Gripsert comply with NZ Safety slip-resistant standards?

A.: Yes, both products comply with the joint Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4586: 2004 “Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.” This supercedes AS/NZS 3661.1:1993.


Q.: What is the standard mean co-efficient of friction for a horizontal surface under this standard?

A.: Standard AS/NZ 4586: 2004 is tested as per “AS/NZ 3661.1:1993, “Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces.” This requires that “when tested wet the pedestrian surface shall have a mean coefficient of friction not less than 0.4, and no specimen in that sample shall have a mean coefficient of less than 0.35.”


Q.: What are the mean coefficients of friction for Gripsert and Retrogrip?

A.: When tested on a level surface:
1. The mean coefficient of friction for Gripsert is 0.65
2. The mean coefficient of friction for Retrogrip inserts is 0.58


Q.: What do these results mean for Retrogrip and Gripsert slip-resistance on a gradient?

A.: These mean coefficients of friction confirm the maximum gradient for Retrogrip to be effective is 1 in 6.5, and the maximum gradient for Gripsert to be effective is 1 in 4.75. (See graph below)


Q.: How does the coefficient of friction affect the safety standard?

A.: When the surface is not level, e.g. when used for a ramp or sloping boardwalk, the required coefficient of friction increases. However, as you’d expect, the grip factor actually decreases on any surface.

In the graph below, the black line indicates the coefficient of friction required to meet the safety standard. In other words the coefficient of friction needs to be above the black line to comply with the standard.

At Traverse Grip Solutions, we appreciate that safety is a priority for you and your clients. The Gripsert and Retrogrip products and our standard aluminium tread, as indicated below, not only comply but significantly exceed the standard.

Coefficient of Friction Required for a Sloped Surface

AS/NZS 4586:2004

Gradient of 1 in 12 must have a coefficient of friction of no less than 0.5

Gradient of 1 in 10 must have a coefficient of friction of no less than 0.525

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